Sunday, August 28, 2016

Albatross Cockpit Tribute

Exhaustive photo-documentation of 15 months regular commuting on the Saluki in it's upright bar'd configuration.  This bike is VERY dirty and works splendidly.  I wanted to do a thorough photo shoot with it before giving it a well earned cleaning and swapping out to drop bars.

Paul retro 'stoplight' canti's

At some point I jumped on the new 650bx38 Panaracer/Pacenti Parimoto tires... they aren't hetres, and they aren't compass tires. It's probably all mental but I've regretted not spending for the compass babyshoe pass...

Still my favorite  bling of the build... old Nitto stem

There isn't a part on this bike without some level of built up sludge or grime... :)

Even w/ the rust this 1x setup w/ Altus RD and WI Eno single front crank shifts like a dream.

Chicken pox of liquefied rust spots... they did wipe right off the powdercoat 

I love how straight and true the WI ENO chainring is

Albatross cockpit you've served me well.  I'm just curious about going back to the noodles for the sportier feel and added hand positions.  This whole cockpit is moving to the XO-3 so I'm still a fan!

The brooks goes w/ the Albatross bars, it seems to be pointing slightly to the left these days...

Love the fully wired fr/rear lighting

Un-sexy but excellent service over the past year

No noticeable issues but I may need to service these hubs over the winter.

scars from the basket/front fork swinging around... only thing I don't like about this build right now is the tenderness/wheel flop

And if you made it this far you get a sneak peak of the new cockpit configuration!