Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jones Point Morning

Nice quick 8 mile loop to Jones Point Park before the scheduled rain comes in - as of about noon it still hasn't really started though!  The Bob Jackson is riding great especially after I finally made some headset repairs/adjustments last week, the fork crown headset base is now properlly seated and I re-attached the expanding wedge to the stem bolt... good to go.

In other news I'm dabbling with Strava and think it may stick. I like that I'll be able to track mileage on a per bike basis and even components w/in each bike if I enter that info.  We'll see.

Jones Point Lighthouse

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fatty Slick Bombadil

Sometimes patience, laziness and luck all comes together at the same time...  and in honor of that I give you the Fatty Slick Bombadil!

Since you've seen her last we have a new set of LX/Synergy wheels to replace the set I cracked, front and rear racks, upcycled planet bike fenders and the piece de resistance... Compass Switchback Hill 650B/48mm Extralight tires.  First reaction;  a circumspect and somewhat reluctant - 'eh...nice'. Second reaction (bit longer neighborhood ride and some drivetrain maintenance later; 'pretty sweet, but not life changing'.

Bottom line is I'm spoiled by 3+ years of riding Jack Browns, Hetre's, Parimoto's and Stampede Pass.  So for me, the first time I road Jack Brown 33.333's was an a ha moment, then the first time I rode Hetre 42 EL's was an Oh My God moment.  Since those tires really only the Stampede Pass have lived up to that cushy elation I felt on Hetres.  The Parimoto's are very nice but whether it's the slight size reduction from the 42's or something in the tread/construction they don't capture the magic.

So does the Switchback Hill super-fat capture the magic? Not on the first night anyway.  I need to get them on some rougher pavement and then offroad to get a good feel, that after all is what they are made for.  I'm optomistic though, especially as I figure w/ that much volume I really need to play around with the inflation.  Tonight I was running roughly 40 psi front, 50 psi rear.  I usually run my Parimoto's 40/60.

Pictures are all smartphone w/ no decent lighting so I'll have to do a nice outdoor session soon.  The big question is whether or not I'll take the Bomba out in the snow/slush tomorrow or if the XO-3/Studded will get the call.