Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jones Point Morning

Nice quick 8 mile loop to Jones Point Park before the scheduled rain comes in - as of about noon it still hasn't really started though!  The Bob Jackson is riding great especially after I finally made some headset repairs/adjustments last week, the fork crown headset base is now properlly seated and I re-attached the expanding wedge to the stem bolt... good to go.

In other news I'm dabbling with Strava and think it may stick. I like that I'll be able to track mileage on a per bike basis and even components w/in each bike if I enter that info.  We'll see.

Jones Point Lighthouse


  1. Nice pix. What a pleasure to ride through there every morning. Hard to take a bad picture of the underside of the bridge. Can't say that about most bridges.

  2. Thank you! It's become one of my favorite destinations when I want to get in a quick ride and I don't want to repeat any of my commuting route... and given the Old Town Alexandria grid there is almost no reason to ever repeat the exact route from Del Ray to the Point.

    I'm a huge fan of the WW Bridge, I was living out of the area as that drama and construction unfolded and I'm so impressed with what they came up with. It doesn't get enough credit as a landmark. I love photographing it!

  3. Great photos, and the Bob Jackson always looks fine. I'm really enjoying your images lately.