Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100% Chance...

... of riding in the rain.

Good news is that the morning ride was splendid. A chilly 34degF when I departed but I honestly don't have a big problem with cold so long as the wind isn't up, which it wasn't.  I heat up very quickly anyway.  This morning I left the packing, including my work close up till the morning of so I was a bit delayed leaving but still made it to work in plenty of time for my 0800 meeting that got moved to tomorrow... also at 0800!

Last night I ran out to REI and made two key purchases, first I exchanged/upgraded my 'trunk bag' with the largest Topeak MTX with the fold down pannier sides, and I also picked up the REI house branded Novara Rain Pants (for cycling).  Both aquitted themselves very well today. I can just squeeze a pair of shoes, full dress clothes and my odds and ends into the Topeak and the Novara pants which felt a bit ackward walking around really fit great when seated on the bike.

Anyway, gear aside I was well prepared for the afternoon ride which featured steady, but not terribly hard rain and some winds that really bit into you during a couple legs of the trip.  Still my rain gear kept me dry and warm, and everything is washed and hanging to dry right now... should be good to go for the nice weather projected tomorrow, nearly 60 in the afternoon!

Mileage - 15.7 (161.7 Annual Total)

Day One


First day bike commuting to work!  I am lucky enough to live within about 7 miles of work... Del Ray, a neighborhood in Alexandria, VA to SE DC at the Washington Navy Yard.  My wife and I just moved last week, and so today was the first opportunity for a ride.  I kicked it off in fine style meeting my friend and 'bike-mentor' Wes over in Old Town Alexandria for a cup of coffee.

I felt pretty sluggish, as I haven't ridden consistently since early December and I was a bit overdressed as it turned out.  But successful nonetheless.  The ride home was interesting becuase I very quickly left behind our old condo in SE DC and just.... kept going.... once I made it past DCA I was really enjoying myself and wishing the ride home was even longer!

Mileage - 18.7 (146 Annual Total)