Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day One


First day bike commuting to work!  I am lucky enough to live within about 7 miles of work... Del Ray, a neighborhood in Alexandria, VA to SE DC at the Washington Navy Yard.  My wife and I just moved last week, and so today was the first opportunity for a ride.  I kicked it off in fine style meeting my friend and 'bike-mentor' Wes over in Old Town Alexandria for a cup of coffee.

I felt pretty sluggish, as I haven't ridden consistently since early December and I was a bit overdressed as it turned out.  But successful nonetheless.  The ride home was interesting becuase I very quickly left behind our old condo in SE DC and just.... kept going.... once I made it past DCA I was really enjoying myself and wishing the ride home was even longer!

Mileage - 18.7 (146 Annual Total)


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