Sunday, June 23, 2013

A tale of two cranks

The busted non-drive side crank is now in the past for the Bianchi.  As usual Velocity Co-Op came through with a timely and appropriate part.  The original Campy Mirage crank set had 175mm arms and the available donor had 170mm... Luckily I was able to swap both side crank arms as the 'new' Campy Veloce crank was also set up as a triple.  One surprise to overcome was that the new set had a narrower 'tread', or 'q-factor' which resulted in the small chain ring rubbing the chain stay... a new, wider spindle. 
Not a completely smooth change out but successful in the end.  I got two excellent commutes in on the Bianchi last week and I'm looking forward to doing a longer trip, unloaded, in the future.

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