Monday, October 28, 2013

Coffeeneuring #4 - Back to the Commonwealth!

#4 you say... what happened to #'s 3 and 4?!?

Let's just say I have a bunch of posts to catch up on this week.  Last night concluded an epic 8 day cross country ramble that was pretty ridiculous even for my unusual standards.  Of bicycling interest, I rode a single speed for the first time, used bike share in Chicago, met Rob (owner of Ocean Air Cycles), rode the ever so sweet Ocean Air Cycles 'Rambler', and observed the effects of 3,000+ road miles on a Univega Supra Sport mounted on the back of a Honda Civic.  More on all that later, on to the Coffeeneuring!

For my welcome home ride I chose a very conservative 2 mile trip to my local Swing's in Del Ray, and honestly after sampling coffee in many of the 16 states I visited in the last 8 days there is not a better cup to be found.  After a quick once over including tire inflation my Riv Atlantis seemed happy to have me back!  I hope to get another ride in this afternoon as I enjoy a last day off from work.

Pour Over technique.... I saw this in Ventura, CA and in New Orleans, LA this past week.  Spitfire Cafe in NO made a spectacular cup, and Element Coffee in CA will be the subject of Coffeeneuring #3!
Home again - home again - jigitty - jig !!!

1. Del Ray (Alexandria), VA
2. 10/28, a day of personal leave from work
3. Swings Coffee, Pour Over, Sumatra something.... dark and nutty, very smooth
4. Welcome back ride around the neighborhood - cool decorations abound for Haloween
5. 2 miles

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