Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Welcome Wagon

If you are the meticulous bike sort you may want to stop right here...  my bike is ready for winter, we'll see how the rider does!

I'm not sure if I can cram any more 'beausage' onto one bike... The XO-3 is now my single speed winter weather ride wearing alot of zip ties and pats from all around the stable.

Is this zip tie laziness or are the jaunty angles these zip ties jut out at easy to spot tell tales for when one of the ties is loosening...?

Yes there is a zip tie adjusting another zip tie here... these fenders lost their 'L-brackets' when i crashed the Saluki so zip ties made due for crown and stay mounts.

This medium sackville bag has been languishing since April when I picked it up used... it is pretty much a mess w/ no connecting or closing straps left.  (which is why I got a decent deal on it) Anyway, I went ahead and made due with toe straps, surly junk straps and zip ties for now.  Today it worked fine carting my full size laptop and spare clothes.

Surly Junk Strap and seriously 'scooped' Brooks B67

Seatstay zip ties

The XO-3 was briefly a multi speed bike several weeks ago and I had lost the snap in under-BB cable guide.  This little beauty doesn't make your shifting smoother but it does make it possible.

I do love the single speed cockpit... the brake cables are still a bit long and I need to replace the drive side cork plug.

SPIKES!  Nokian Mount and Ground 26x1.95" Studded tires... They just fit though the front canti posts require them to be mostly deflated to install.

Who said studds don't deserve a nice flap!?!

Making it all possible... THE ENO.

Mud splats no more w/ the SKS fenders installed... this beauty is going to remain on the seat tube a bit longer... at least till the first rain.

Holding down the sackville

Retro-Paul Levers, I love the cable tensioner

I don't use the coffee holder enough to justify it but it's already on there so I'm going with it.

TT view down. 

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  1. Nice tour of the XO3! It's got a lot of fine details, and yes, you seem quite ready. As a southern, non-commuter, I'm looking forward to future posts with detailed reports of epic winter commute stories.