Saturday, November 7, 2015

Erika's New Bike Day - Riv Clementine!

Packaged impeccably... I did have to go pick it up at UPS as it was a non-negotiable signature required per Riv which was a bit of a pain.

Looking goood!

The orange came out richer than it was originally advertised to be but it's a luxurious, gorgeous color.
Apparently the cream details on the fork crown were an extra treat, looks good and matches my Saluki!

Not as fancy or organized  a build shot as I have admired on others sites but this gives you the basic idea.

For any fat tire curious folks 650Bx2.25" Schwable Nobby Nic's fit FINE on the Clementine.  

This is as faras I got today, it rolls nice, the brakes wen ttogether pretty smoothly after I struggled mightily with the rear rim.  It is a SUN 18 650B rim and I broke two tire levers getting the original Col de la Vie tire off and the Fatty Rumpkin on.  The wheelbase is undeniably long and the fit range is fantastic.  With the seat at this level my 5' 5" wife fits great and raise it up a bit and at 6' even I have no problem either.

The 41+ tires look scrawny on this frame... I may have to address that.  BTW that rear brake cable housing is a complete one from VO, no cuts... and I'd say it's only about 2ish inches to long. 

I hope Erika really appreciates the Paul cockpit on this bike! :)