Saturday, September 14, 2013

Riv Ride - Arlington Loop

With the wonders of communication offered via the RBW Google Group I met up with three other Rivendell riders this morning for a glorious ride around the Arlington bike trails... it started with a call to try out a different sized bike and ended up being a really fun time with some fellow bike enthusiasts.  Thanks to Ken, Erl and Howard for coming out today.  And how about that weather!?!

Here's to many more group rides and maybe even a DC area S24O outing!

I felt like the Navy and Merchant Marine Memorial to sailors lost at sea was particularly fitting place to meet up for a ride originally dedicated to the Riv 'Atlantis' bike...  It is a gorgeous monument right off the Mount Vernon Trail where the 14th St Bridge intersects.  From left to right; Erl on his 56cm Atlantis, Ken on his Riv All-Rounder, myself (Tony) on my 64cm Atlantis, and Howard with his 64 or 66cm Rambouillet (in purdy blue!)
One without the distracting humans.... Atlantis - All-Rounder - Atlantis - Rambouillet

Atlanti....?  sharing a lock during a coffee break in Shirlington

Howard's beu-saged Brooks saddle

The blue on Howard's Rambouillet is incredible... gorgeous bike!

Comparing cockpits...  my moustache bars on dirt drop and Erl's awesome Noodles with bar-ends and interrupter cables raised up nice and comfy

Erl and Howard peeled off the circle route a little before Ken and I, we visited the hidden but lovely LBJ Memorial Grove near the Pentagon off Mt Vernon Trail.  Highly recommended, little known site!
All-Rounder and Atlantis
The original RBW headbadge and downtube decal are gorgeous on Ken's bike, and how about that mirror!

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