Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunrise Coffee Club - MV Trail Style!

LBJ Memorial Grove offers a great view across the Potomac to the DC Monuments, at this time of year though the sunrise is actually well south of the general view (right of frame) so I'll pick a different spot for the next sunrise!

Inspired by many of the postings about Sunrise Coffee on the RBW list, and also by Ocean Air Cycle's early morning adventures I finally pulled the trigger this morning on a sunrise cup-a-joe.  

Location - LBJ Memorial Grove (off the Mount Vernon Trail in Arlington)
Bike - Bridgestone XO-3, singlespeed
Coffee - Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, Roasted at Swings in Del Ray
Brew Method - Pour over

I'm hoping to establish a semi-regular sunrise coffee club, I'll be posting about my rides over at the Bike Arlington Forum but I'm not sure it'll always be the same day, and the location will definitely rotate.  Stay tuned.
The XO-3 is sporting fore and aft storage for the occasion, the rear trunk bag was for the coffee gear.

Not just coffee, not just brewed on the spot, but pour over, single origin, hand ground coffee! :)


  1. One of my favorite reasons to get out on a bicycle, and brilliantly done.

  2. Well done! That's a mighty big XO-3. Next up Riv's new aeropress?

  3. Thanks! Size 59cm was the biggest they made and seem fairly rare to find... I know people swear by their aeropress but I'm sticking with pour over for now!