Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Rolling

Every bit of warm weather is precious these days... I'm glad to look back at Sunday and know I made the most of it!  I met up with my friend Erl on the Georgetown waterfront and we had a great ride up the C&O/CCT to downtown Bethesda. I introduced him to the culinary treat of Taylors Gourmet Deli and reserved a half a sandwich for the ride back.  Great ride all around, at over 30 miles it is by far my longest single speed expedition to date and I even threw in some steady if not super-steep elevation this time.

The XO-3 continues to impress, the Brooks B67 is a suprisingly good match with the moustache bars and I was very comfortable with the couple hours in the saddle.  My gearing right now is running 45x19 which ends up being pretty darn close in gear inches to the 40x17 I was running before.  I'm pretty ok with this ~ 61 gear inches but I'm trying to decide how best to utilize my 17x19 White Industries Dos Eno freewheel... I'd like to go with two chain rings that are a matching 2T apart to give me a hi and lo option.  Right now i'm leaning towards 42/44...

Oh, and I rode the last mile or so of the canal on the towpath, the 2" Big Apples laugh in the general direction of that muddy mess. Honestly can we not clean up the surface for the final lap of the trail!  

I can't wait for more weather like this!

Good spot for a snack and taking in the day.

Sackville out for a snack off the bike overlooking the Key Bridge and Rossyln

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