Saturday, March 1, 2014

Coffee Outside

It was a cold day for the second 'Coffee Outside' experiment here in DC... those CA guys make it look a bit more appetizing this time of year.  That being said Thursday morning was inestimably better for the hour or so spent outside brewing some delicious coffee.  I brought a real camera this time and we returned to the LBJ Memorial Grove.  Joining me was my friend Wes who rode the hour from Mt Vernon particularly early and through some pretty darn cold spots to be there and Bike Arlington member Dana whom I have met at at least one previous morning coffee stop.

The sunrise was pretty subtle, masked in heavy overcast conditions that began to break up as we were finishing up.  It was about 26 degrees at my house when I left...

Potomac River at sunrise ~0643

LBJ Plinth, mirroring the Lincoln Memorial

I've taken some liberties with this one... but the blue sky and break thru of the sun did feel pretty glorious

To prove I wasn't there alone, Wes and Dana discussing the morning's coffee!

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