Friday, March 14, 2014

Hooky Ride

Tuesday seemed like a day unfit for working... it also is the day I was expecting my new HD projector for the basement media/bar room!  So I got in a nice long ride on the single speed XO-3, longest to date at 50+. I had some machinations for a mixed surface ride doing the Leesburg Loop to include the C&O Canal but opted instead for a more modest mileage total and all paved route of an out and back on the W&OD, Alexandria - Herndon - Alexandria (returning via the Custis-MV Trails).  Great day on the bike, I'm really digging the singlespeed though my ride to work Wednesday on the geared Trek felt amazing, I felt so fast! :)

Tues Sunrise on Hume Ave

Vienna made for a nice rest stop, I was slow and steady with plenty of stops on Tuesday.  I love this mural!

I finally figured out the dumb hitching pole at Green Lizard, excellent coffee in a nice stoneware mug and they even let me use a wrench to touch up the cable tension.

Also in Herndon (at the turn around) Great Harvest Bakery is well worth a visit on two wheels, four wheels or no wheels... free tasting of several breads every day and I really enjoyed this large loaf of Honey Wheat!

Perhaps the most photo's dedicated to Brandywine Castle ever.... but I noticed it just after getting back inside the beltway and decided it was a good short stop opportunity.

A short steep hike and you can see the stones in the frame here

I did not hike-a-bike the XO-3 up the slope, looking back down.

Behold.... Brandywine Castle!

The blue sky finally peaked out as I enjoyed my Great Harvest bread with honey and butter at Gravelly Point.

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