Sunday, March 23, 2014

MV Ramble

One of the main purposes of today's ride was glamour shots of Agatha... I'm pretty happy with this one down at Jones Point Park.
Today's ride got off to an odd start... I lost my riding companions due to illness and some unforeseen circumstances which allowed me a much more relaxed morning. I even debated riding at all as I was feeling yesterday's 30 miles for sure.  But when my afternoon plans suddenly disappeared I no longer had any time constraints.  I used the gift of time to rig up the SKS fenders that came with the Saluki, amazingly they fit well over the much bigger Hetre tires.  With fenders in place I decided to press my luck and install the Nitto M-12 rack and basket formerly of my XO-3, formerly of my Atlantis.  A couple 'cold sets' later and I was in business.

My ramble started with the modest goal of getting some coffee and then photographing the bike against some decent backdrops... for the two goals I chose Killer E.S.P. in Old Town and Jones Point Park also right there in Old Town.  My saltena and americano lived up to the 'killer' moniker and helped warm me up.  Even though the forecast was clear about the mid-40's temp I wasn't mentally as prepared for the cool  as I have been lately.  The photo-shoot down by the river went well and as I was thinking about returning home I got confirmation that my alternative afternoon plans weren't in the cards either... unburdened again from any time constraints I decided to keep going south along the Mt Vernon Trail.  

My legs are definitely feeling all the sudden mileage, I didn't break 200 miles in Jan or Feb, and I'm not quite there (but close) in Mar and the three days in a row on the bike were definitely leaving me a bit more worn out than I would like.  But I had a good ride, the hetres performed exactly as I've gotten used to over the past year on my 650B Trek and I stopped a couple times along the way. As a huge bonus my friend Wes was home and I stopped in to have lunch with him and his family before I made the turn for home.

After today I kind of feel like Agatha is no longer the 'new bike'... I'm 60+ miles in and 3 days of riding her, and true to the Riv philosophy she handles 'like a bike'.  Definitely the best fitting bike I've ridden, once I get a different saddle on her it'll likely be the most comfortable one I've ridden.  I'm still up in the air on the color, on one hand the light urple is growing on me, on the other hand I'm now obsessing about what complimentary/contrasting color should I use for the bartape.  Black is definitely out, I'm working through green(s), yellow/gold, orange, maroon/burgundy.  I'll be ordering tape, cables/housing and brake pads in the next week or so.  Enjoy the pictures!

There might not be a 'right' way to kick off a ramble but an Americano and Chicken Saltena in a warm coffee house is definitely not a 'wrong' way! :)  (You can see Agatha on the sidewalk beyond the daffodils)

EL Hetre cushion check = SAT... One cobbled block. I can't believe I missed making this photo when I had my Atlantis... note to my Atlanti brethren - great photo op at 'Captain's Row' in Old Town.

Honestly it was cold enough that I contemplated ending the ride after getting the photo's I wanted at Jones Point Park but I decided to push 'a little further'.  Agatha all decked out with fenders, Hetres, and front rack with basket.

Demo'ing a potential bar tape color and adding some protection from handlebar-rash (especially now that the front basket is on.  I was digging this combo alot till my friend Wes mentioned the 1960's Joker... purple and green... hmmm.

The Nigle Smythe mudflaps add some serious class to the bike... I was happy and surprised that the SKS fenders fit even over the Hetre tires. I love installing fenders that someone else has already installed once before... makes everything much easier!

Speaking of Hetres... Extra Legr.  Plenty of clearance at the chainstays.  The hetre's rode smooth, no surprise here.

I'm not sure I ever featured this but holding my Sackville Medium bag in place is this sweet Night Eye hook that doubles as a bottle opener!

Mount Vernon's gates... mission accomplished!


  1. I say a darker green than that, like a piney green. OR like the Sackville bag.

  2. Mary you and I are on the same page! The more I've stared at the bike and these pictures I love the olive drab contrast w/ the purple... I already started applying amber shellac to a test strip of the grassy green newbaums to work on the color and I"m ordering enough newbaums to do the bars. Now I have to decide if I keep the drops or go to the Albatross's I have on standby!

  3. I didn't know about that coffee place in Old Town. They have PIE!!!! Gotta check them out some weekend.

  4. Killer ESP is excellent, easy to miss but it's on King between Patrick and Henry St's... well worth it!