Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cherry Blossom Coffee Outside

Joe C's speedy Lemond, callsign 'Jealousy'

After two big trips this Spring/Early Summer I have a severe photo backlog to work through.  One gem I'd nearly forgotten about was our just pre-peak sunrise coffee outside at the Tidal Basin.  This was a great crowd including my wife Erika and our friends Joe and Ali.  As a photo expedition I found that I work better in smaller groups when I'm really focused on the photo making (big surprise!).  But the coffee and company was excellent.

One of Erika's shots showing the great sunrise ribbon reflecting in the Tidal Basin

Another one of Erika's w/ a close up of a nice white blooming tree

Joe's jet boil did fast work of the water boiling, making coffee for 4 was a bit more involved but the french press did a great job

Alot of buds still on the tree, this was 4/10 and the peak was probably the next day.

Bike commuting across the 14th St Bridge... looks awfully familiar!

And how could I forget our fifth member of the club, Knish's first coffee outside!

Knish keeps watch while Joe pours up a second round.

Crew guys and gals out skulling across the Potomac

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