Sunday, June 1, 2014

GAP Trip Gallery 6 - Mckeesport to the Point

What a weird turn of weather we had on Day 3, cold - warm - rain - warm - cool.  There is a chunk of the day not pictured due to the rain of course.  And really it was an odd day from a stop management perspective.  Our plan had been push the 25 miles to West Newton and take a decent break there, then do the 20ish miles to Mckeesport and do a relaxed lunch there.  Unfortunately neither destination offered much in the way of trailside enticement, at least not beyond the immediate area's we scoured.  Mckeesport was further marred by a significant cloudburst.  The pictures below take up just after getting soaked and drying off again.

Crossing and re-crossing the Yough R. as we depart from the immediate Mckeesport area.

Down river back towards Mckeesport, interesting lighting.

Pittsburgh Bound!  These pedestrian bridges with their ramps definitely challenged our tired legs and heads but we were getting closer and closer to turning the corner.

In Homestead we made up for our lack of dining options by overeating a rack of Ribs at TGI Fridays... I don't recommend that though it was delicious at the time.  At this point we are a mere 10 miles from the finish and it would have been better to have taken a 20 min break and continued on our way.

Crossing the Hot Metal Bridge into Pittsburgh.

There was no more stopping for pictures at this point and this is actually the 'best' shot I have of the Pittsburgh skyline.  Finish line or bust!

Speeding along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail we closed in on the Point, unfortunately the marking's for the 'GAP' to get the final mile were very poor and we ended up on sidewalks and a couple awkward street crossings.  


An amazing trip, I'm so happy to have done it with my Dad and can't wait to make another trip soon.

My little brother and step-mother documenting our arrival.  SUCCESS! :)

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