Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Drivetrain Feeling

I'm quite a bit late in posting a full set of images and discussion of my primary, and gorgeous green ride... the not-purple-saluki.  And this post won't fix that but it will tease it a bit and show off my two favorite parts.  First is the ever so sweet White Industries Eno crankset with 44T SS chainring.  This was acquired through a fairly interesting trade with a friendly enthusiast on the RBW Google Group and I couldn't be happier with the ride. I took the opportunity to replace my chain and cassette at the same time and am blissfully enjoying 'that new drivetrain feel'  with every ride right now.

The second shot show's you my primary view of the sweet piece of MUSA-CNC'd aluminum.  And last but ever most certainly not least you'll note a teasing, semi-obstructed view of the vintage Paul 'Stoplight' Canti brakes... they stop great and look better.

I promise a full post on the Saluki soon... gotta do the summary for two reasons; 1. I'm pretty satisfied with the build now and I think this is roughly it for the time being, and 2.  I've got a new frame build in the works and I don't want to get into that till I've detailed the Saluki! :)

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