Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's been a rocky couple of weeks for vehicles and me... All three cars have been in and out of the shop with some frustrating issues and more dramatically two weeks ago I crashed my bike - yes, the Saluki.

The good news is I was able to get back on a bike this weekend after nursing a right arm/elbow for the two weeks.  The Saluki fork is most likely going to be replaced and I've stripped it down to frame and fork to facilitate a thorough inspection as soon as possible.

But today is not about the crash, or the state of the Saluki.  Adding to the ridiculous nature of the past two weeks is that the used Rawland rSOGN I'd been keeping an eye out for over the post year or so came available and I received it last week, it was very frustrating to be unable to ride a bike (and limited in my wrenching ability) through this weekend.  Tonight I got the rSOGN built up enough to roll around the block.  Long way to go but it's a nice start! I'm glad I have the new frame to distract me.

Just past 'rolling chassis' mode, front/rear brakes operational, 44x12 ghetto singlespeed and only half the bars wrapped.  Seems like test-ride material to me!

Moustache bars - eat your heart out! The XO-3 donated the bars as it transitioned to a more stately Albatross cockpit.  The Paul Stoplight canti's are on loan from the suddenly idle Saluki but they look sharp here as usual.
Full Build list coming, nearly 100% borrowed parts... I had the Sugino triple crank installed before I realized that the seat tube on this puppy is larger than 28.6 which scuttled my plan's in that area but by going to the WI Eno Crank w/ 44T chainring I was able to use the Saluki's chain straight up.  In fact the rSOGN is now sporting the full Saluki drive train.

More to follow this week!


  1. That's shaping up to be a prety cool build, but I'm a little confused -- the rSogn's seat tube diameter is 28.6 mm. what is the issue?

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for checking in! On the Rawland site it definitely says 28.6 but mine is 31.4, I'm not sure how that is but I double checked it with 3 different 28.6 fd's and then backed up via calipers. Not sure what is up but I'll be on the lookout for a 31.4 FD.

  3. Interesting! My rSogn has a 28.6 seat tube, so I naturally assumed they all did -- my bad. I guess your frame was from early on in the production run.