Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Morning Coffee

Coffee, a good friend, great weather and beautiful bikes to talk about!  Thanks for the great meet-up Erl!

The Potomac was like glass crossing the Memorial Bridge this morning. light was nice all around actually I wish I'd taken more pictures.

Erl and I met up at the Georgetown waterfront park just short of the Key Bridge seen here beyond our two bikes.

Left - 60cm Riv Saluki, Right - Riv Road.

Neat because both of these bike's have been projects over the winter and we've been keeping track of each other's progress. This was the first time we've been able to make a meet up work w/ both up and running.


  1. Tony,
    I enjoyed catching up. Your Saluki turned out beautifully! I look forward to more rides in the future.
    As always, your photographs are terrific!
    Thanks, Erl

    1. Thank you Erl! Having good company for little trips like this makes all the difference. Your Riv Road turned out wonderfully!

  2. My daughter tells me the weather was fantastic out that way today. It's good to see a pair our more of Rivs together. I hope to meet each of you in October.

    1. Today felt great all around, I think it was 68 when I set out this morning and still in the 70's by the time I made it home. Very comfortable!

      I know Erl and I both are looking forward to meeting you in Oct, in fact we were covering some of the same ground we'll hopefully ride with you and your family around that time!