Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nobby Bombadil

The Saluki's re-entry into circulation allows me to finally tinker with the Bombadil... several new additions have been begging for a trial run most notably a pair of Schwable Nobby Nic 650Bx2.25" tires, new brake levers and some much needed replacement parts for my Riv Silver Shifters.

I hope to get out on the trail at Wakefield one night this week to see how this setup works for me.  I did take it on the little dirt route near my house, less than 2 miles but plenty of dirt, large roots and some loose stuff... I think this is going to be a fun build!

Nobby Nic's 'fit'...I'll have to remove the kick stand as it just rubs the nobs but otherwise it's pretty decent.  The clearances aren't great and for thick mud I guess I'd be in trouble mighty quick but I'm going to try it out for a couple rides anyway and see how it goes.  There was no cassette installed here as I stole it for the new tandem wheel.

Service life fulfilled on the little plastic washers on my Silver shifters. I was down to multiple tightening's needed on every ride the last couple times.  Luckily Riv stocks the replacement part and I stocked up.
New plastic thingy installed = another 5+ years of silvery shifting goodness.

I don't think I ever provided shots of the Nitto RM14 (dirt drop) bars before but I had thrown them on in lieu of the 48cm Noodles a couple weeks ago w/ the same interrupter lever/old shimano lever set up.  I was THRILLED at the suggestion I got from SPOKES Etc mechanic (Dre) to use inline cable adjusters to fill in for the interrupter levers preventing me from having to replace the housing and giving me some added adjustability!

I'm really excited about the new Cane Creek SCR-5's as well, they have a shorter reach from the drop position to the lever and the hoods are significantly more substantial than the shimano's they replace.  As much as I love the cross levers the RM14 just doesn't have enough room for them on their short flat area.  My thought for this bike right now is more of an 'event specific' bike than daily commuter/city bike anyway which is where I'd really miss the extra levers.  Bartape is coming, probably tubes to start with but I'm going to go cork once I'm set for the cable's.


  1. What a handsome rig! I like how the saddle color compliments the blue, and the shape of the bars looks intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

  2. Thanks Chris, coming from you that means alot! The Bombadil blue is a really nice tone... I"m hoping that the cork tape I use possibly w/ some shellac is a nice match for the saddle.

    Those new 650B x 48mm tires from compass are going to be sweet on this bike too.