Monday, July 29, 2013

'Finished' the W&OD

Well I guess it depends on your definition of finished... I have been to the western terminus now. I met up with Rob near the Carmax parking lot in Ashburn and we did the almost exactly 40mile back and forth to get to the end in Purceville and back again.  He is actually training for the Bike-to-the-Beach century ride this coming Friday.  It was a great ride, faster than I usually go but the Bianchi performed excellent. First time I've ridden the drop bars since my unfortunate fall the week previous and no worse for the wear...  add to that helping family clean out my grandmother's house Saturday and helping a friend move Sunday and I'm worn out for the weekend!!

Monday looks great, can't do my regular commute as I'm offsite today... hopefully i'll get in an evening ride.

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