Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tandeming in Alexandria

Boy do I feel beat tonight!  Not sure if it inherent to tandeming, to this particular bike, or just my own physiology today but I feel beat up.  That being said it was an awesome day out in the unseasonably pleasant, breezy and un-muggy August day.

Our friend Joy was celebrating a new Trek roadbike purchase and met us on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria.  Our destination on this trip was actually Mt Vernon itself, we fell well short of that but still rattled off over 20 miles included lunch at an old firehouse, and beer tasting at Port City Brewery.  Great day all around!

I know, I know!  I'm the !@#hole for parking like this... it was not a crowded biking day... and Joy didn't have a lock so I went with this solution.
 I think this is the 'introduction' of the tandem to the blog.  We've had the Univega since around March I believe.  To be honest we've been shocked at how much we enjoy it though our total mileage is not that great.  Prior to today our trips had included, Shirlington and back, Old Town Whole Foods, and a Washington National's game - the best part of that trip was using the bike valet at the stadium.... only tandem there!

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