Friday, April 25, 2014

I couldn't have said it better

I couldn't have said it better... I had the extreme good fortune to run into Mary and Ed in DC on Wednesday morning enroute to work and the spontaneous pit stop conversation in the middle of the street was a spectacular way to kick off the day. It didn't hurt that I was steaming in a very unusual configuration... sailboat fueling vehicle!  The Agapanthus Saluki (known as Agatha) was front loaded w/ a 2 gallon can of 87 octane destined for my 26' Sailboat - 'Summer Breeze'.  Great conversation starter (as if a large man on a purple bike needs a conversation starter!)

If you aren't following Mary at Chasing Mailboxes you are MISSING OUT!

Astute eyes may notice the cockpit change to albatross bars on Agatha, I'm behind on some informational posts including a pretty awesome bike build helping my friend Joe get his UBI self-built frame on the road last night!!


  1. As soon as I saw the picture on Chasing Mailboxes I thought "what's the deal with that gas can!". Mystery solved.

    How do you like the alba's on the new bike?

  2. Hey Howard, I'm liking the albatross... I haven't gone further than my normal commuting miles on them yet but I have on previous bikes and expect I'll like it there to. It's amazing just how much a bikes personality changes with handlebars. I preserved the noodle cockpit intact so I may go back and forth some.