Monday, April 21, 2014

The Original.... Coffee Outside

Having coffee outside is not original, but of late in the bicycling community it has been popularized by Rob Perks of Ocean Air Cycles in Ventura CA.  His images and descriptive blog posts have inspired many to try and get a little more out of their pre-work time.  I had the distinct pleasure of joining Rob for some coffee outside at Ocean Air Cycles home base, right on Ventura Beach in CA last Monday.  I've written about my excellent experiences with Rob and my Rambler test ride before so I'll just let the pictures do the talking here.... enjoy!

Does the Pacific Ocean at sunrise need any caption....

Yes he's using a flint striker to light his alcohol stove to brew coffee outside after bicycling to an ideal spot to enjoy the sunrise... :)

Obligatory Rambler #1 porn

Back to the Pacific Ocean

Back the Pelicans, I was transfixed by these guys as Rob brewed up the coffee. They were winging up and down the coast at wavetop height seeming to dip their wingtips in the crashing waves. Awesome!

My borrowed ride for coffee outside - more on the sweet 650B Trek later!

Pictures or it didn't happen...

The outdoor coffee brewer's panoply

West coast double brew technique

My while riding shots are a challenge given my manual focus lens but at least you can recoignize OAC #1 on Rambler #1

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