Monday, April 27, 2015

Pecan Lane

Quick stop in Lake Waccamaw en route to Charleston for a wedding... glad to get out and experience my Mom's regular 1 hour-ish ride in her neighborhood. She has logged some serious time on the Hint-O-Mint Schwinn since January and is loving the bike.  It is holding up well, my only maintenance on this trip was to add a spedo/odo computer at her request.

Pecan Lane is gorgeous as you'll see.  Unfortunately the weather in Charleston didn't cooperate for a good ride opportunity on Saturday but it was still worth bringing the bikes.

Pecan Lane, Lake Waccamaw, NC

Bob Jackson from the cockpit... haven't removed the old BE shifter boss just yet.

Mom and Erika, love the Spanish Moss...

Mom's fully racked out Schwinn is looking good.  Erika loves her Bianchi which I let linger w/ a blown tube for to long last year.  It is a pretty sweet bike with 8 Speed 105 group.

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