Sunday, May 17, 2015

Re-Building the Saluki (Components Highlights)

It's been almost 9 month's since the Saluki and I ended our regular commute home with a spectacular and damaging rear-wheel over front-wheel  single bike accident.  I was healed and riding again within a month but the bike repair has lingered, a frustrating project from start to finish with alot out of my control.  It has also been more expensive by far than I ever imagined.

But it would seem that the frustrations are close to being wrapped up and I am expecting the re-finished frame, fork and fenders to be returned by the powdercoater 'soon' (I'm hoping w/in a week).  Anyway I've decided to focus some positive energy on the fun part, the build... and the REALLY fun part, the ride.

This build is meant to make the Saluki my ideal everyday commuter here in the DC-VA area and nearly everything has graced one of my bikes before, many were on the Saluki during that fateful ride last August.

I'm glad I splurged on this before I saw the full costs of the frame refurb!  Regardless I'm excited to try out the legendary CK headset on this bike.

No drama here, I had this exact crankset on the Saluki when I crashed.  I love the solid feel I got from this set and when I look down and see the perfectly straight chain ring that also felt good.  I could always throw on a VBC double if I needed the flexibility in the future.

The one and probably only shot of the BB... it came with the original 'Purple-Luki' and is still going strong.

Retro Paul Lever's, the sticker is starting to fade but the finely machined aluminum is holding tough.  I love these levers! The Ergon grips on Nitto Albatross bars will complete the cockpit.

What better pair for the retro Paul levers than retro Paul 'Stoplight' Canti's... these are sweet brakes. I do need to locate another canti post 'sleeve' which I appear to have lost.

Another oldie, practically NOS Nitto stem... I love the scalloped sides and the 'arrow' on the top.  

Vice Pedals, doesn't get better than this.

I'm told that 'scooping' a B67 is pretty rare... well here you go.  Probably only comfortable for me at this point but paired with the Albatross I'm mighty comfy for my regular commute distances.  Longer trips would require one of my Brooks Flyers most likely.

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