Friday, May 22, 2015

The Saluki's Back!

Back from the powdercoater and ready to build... which is going to happen today!

I'm really happy with the green and the kind of 'semi-flat' topcoat that I got, the cream headtube looks great to.  The lug detail painting is a bit of a disappointment unfortunately.  I was going for british racing green tone in a flat finish. I think I just missed that deep dark green by a shade or two but given computer monitors and selecting powder sight unseen I think it's close enough.  The finish feels pretty nice and I'm hopeful it proves very durable and long lasting.

Here is a dump of pictures.  I think I'll end up trying my hand at cleaning up the lug painting when I get some time.

Exit hole for my internal cable routing (bottom of seat tube). There is a matching one up on the down tube as well. I ended up drilling it myself and using a deburring tool to clean it up.

Cable guides for the dyno wiring were added. Pretty nice brazing work I think

Thanks to Rob at OC for the expertly wrapped package... dyno cable's for the build, a King Cage and a pound of coffee!

The build is officially started...

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