Sunday, April 14, 2013

Catching Up

Something about being on travel, maybe it is the departure from the norm, I don't know... but I ended up getting lazy about my posts.  I missed the post about my 48 mile grand day on the bike, circling Mission Bay, hitting Pacific Beach, threading the needle back through Mission Bay and then on to Point Loma for sunset.  Also missed were my explorations in Balboa Park and a couple run's into the Broken Yoke restaurant for delicious breakfasts... I have some good pictures so those stories will be told, but they won't be as 'fresh' as they could have been.

Since I've been back I rode in Thurs and Fri, including into a seeming monsoon of rain Fri morning.  I've also done a fantastic photo-ride with my good friend Peter on Saturday morning which as it happens, mirrored my normal commute.

I'm braced for the chance of more rain tomorrow morning but looking forward to my ride, another flat tire again today though... my 650B project can't finish soon enough.

In honor of my Gran, who passed away early this morning here is a shot from sunrise yesterday.  I miss you and love you...

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