Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Varmit Ride

Woooo-weee... what a cool ride.  Work has been pretty busy so I didn't get to depart on my ride till about 6:45PM last night.  I was racing the clock, granted with plenty of time but still, my goal was to ride around San Diego Harbor and into Coronado via the 'Bikeway' which takes you across the narrow strip of land connecting Coronado to the mainland and make it to the Ferry terminal in time for the 9:30PM last ferry of the night.... SUCCESS!

The ride ended up being about 25 miles and took me just under 2 hours with a couple photo stops. The carbon bike is definitely fast. I had plenty of time to ponder the bike weight - bike speed correlation on this ride, my conclusions today are that while the 'engine' (myself) certainly is the source of the overwhelming amount of total vehicle weight that taking about 10 lbs off the bike (which is about the difference between my Trek and this carbon bike) is noticeable in climbing and as you initially start out.

My photo uploading has suddenly become difficult so you'll have to wait for photographic proof.

Ohhhh, yes, the title... in honor of the dozens of little rabbits scurrying across the Bikeway Trail in front of my wheel last night... dozens!

25 Miles (467.9 miles annually)
15/18 (Bike Commute/Available Days)
8 Max consecutive work days commduting by bike

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