Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coffeeneuring #3 - Camarillo Pour Over!

With my good friend Kamal safely escorted cross country we got to spend a couple days exploring around his new home town of Camarillo, CA which is about 45min north of LA... We got a great ride in that didn't involve coffee as well but more on that later.

Don Adolfo Camarillo... namesake
The morning that I flew out we started off with a rolling suburban jaunt to Old Town Camarillo and the element coffee shop where we had noticed online that they did a form of the pour over coffee brewing that I've come to be so fond of at my local Swing's in Alexandria.  Element Coffee hits a home run on decor and ambiance... and the coffee wasn't bad but it could have been better. I'll chalk it up to the barista in this case and give them another try the next time I'm in town.

The bicycle for Coffeeneuring #3 was the borrowed Schwinn Single Speed I mentioned in a previous post.  I LOVED the single speed.... going to have to rig something up here at home.  #winterproject

A couple better shots coming soon, the frame size was great. My friend Brian put this sweet machine together himself!
1. Camarillo, CA
2. 10/25, a day of personal leave from work
3. element coffee, pour over house blend, could have been better
4. Single speed suburban ride.
5. 6.25 miles

The nearly ubiquitous pour over stand... I liked the all thread DIY rack!

Not only was the Giraffe on wheels cool, the little open air courtyard with couches was a great place to enjoy the coffee within reach of our bikes.

A genorously sized bowl/cup of coffee and a super sweet donut

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