Monday, November 11, 2013

Coffeeneuring #5 - Yards Park, SE DC - Coffeeshop without walls!

Brisk morning in DC and my second Coffeshop-without-walls attempt.  This time I opted for simplified logistics and brewed the coffee at home for service out of my thermos.  I'm pretty happy with this setup, the thermos which I picked up at a yard sale keeps coffee warm for at least an hour.

I had a half capfull before setting out which was a great shot in the arm, and helped with the initial moments as I warmed up.  Unlike most of my other coffeeneuring trips this was a respectable 16.8 mile round trip journey.  I'll let the photo's do the rest of the work...
More pour over coffee, the nalgene bottle was just an intermediate container till I got the coffee loaded into my thermos

I'm really enjoying the 'craft' of the pour over brewing

My return home took me down the National Mall and I got this fantastic view of the Monument

The ride is somewhat pedestrian given it is almost my exact commute
1. Yards Park, SE Washington DC
2. 11/3
3. Coffeeshop-without-walls, ME Swing 'MESCO' blend, hand ground, pour over, served from a thermos
4. One of my favorite parts of my old neighborhood, great view of the Anacostia River and interesting architecture/landscaping.
5.  16.8 miles

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