Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coffeeneuring #6 - Old Town - Killer ESP

Noitice the sleeve to the right of the stem... brand new set of Nitto Noodle bars and I scratched the crap out of them with this older Nitto Technomic stem. Anyone have a secret for installing?
I hate to rave about a place, but a year from now.... ESP is what I'll remember first from my Coffeeneuring adventures.  It's not just the coffee (the Americano was excellent), I love the ambiance, the decor... the whole package!  If you like chill, eclectic coffee houses with some comfy couches definitely check it out!

King St, Alexandria.... does it get better for a downtown area?
 I wish the hours at ESP were a bit earlier in the opening, but just as well the hours dictate it will be an occasional weekend indulgence rather than a regular occurance.  I can't wait to try their Sorbet and Pie, all I can vouch for at this point is a very well crafted espresso based americano.

Just to orient you to what we're dealing with in Killer ESP, look at all those tea options!


Headed home, fall colors on Dewitt Ave in Del Ray
Today's coffeeneuring jaunt was pretty short, under 5 miles round trip to King St in Old Town Alexandria.  Killer ESP had been on my radar for a while as it is just up the street from Misha's, where I meet my buddy Wes very regularly on weekday mornings for a pre-work coffee.  Very understated storefront, easy to miss.  Their coffee is from 'stumptown' which I understand to be well known and thought of in the Portland area.

1.  Old Town Alexandria, VA
2. 11/9
Killer ESP, Americano (to stay)
4. Right on King St, new to me but a place with great soul and presence
5.  4.9 miles

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