Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coffeeneuring #7 - Misha's in Old Town

And in the 11th hour... :)  no not really, more like the 9th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month.... the 2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge was complete!

The Trek has been to Misha's many times!

In a near carbon-copy of the actual cycling route as #6 I returned to King St in Old Town Alexandria for my final entry at Misha's coffee roasters.  This is really fitting as Misha's and cycling have been linked for me now nearly a year.  Bottom line is it has been a destination at least every other week for me to meet my friend and bike sensai Wes 'halfway' before work during the week.  It was halfway when I lived in the Navy Yard neighborhood, about 8 miles for each of us...  back then the 16 mile roundtrip was pushing the limits of my biking endurance and definitely driving earlier wake-ups than ever before.  Since March I've had the luxury of a short 2.5ish mile ride from Del Ray and the proximity has made my timeliness suffer.  But Wes is a great sport and we are actually meeting up there tomorrow for a cup (and then I'll go get a second cup at the Friday Morning Coffee Club downtown at ME Swings).

Coffee with my peeps...

What a fun challenge, I'm so happy to have participated.  I'll be working on a consolidated 7 stop post here soon!  Happy Riding!

1.  Old Town Alexandria, VA
2. 11/11
3. Misha's Coffee
, Americano (to stay), most of Misha's coffee is a bit dark/heavy for my tastes these days but it is a well crafted cup
4. Right on King St
5.  4.9 miles

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