Sunday, May 18, 2014

Father-Son GAP Trip Preview

Mission accomplished! I wanted to get a couple thoughts out while their fresh...  I raised the topic if the GAP/C&O trail with my Dad 2 years ago.  The 330 mile trail connects DC and Pittsburgh, the two cities we live in and I was just starting to ride more seriously.  How cool would it be to do that ride!?!

This past Christmas the best gift I unpacked from my dad was the GAPCO 'Trip book'... He was up for the challenge and proposed a spring and fall trip, each accomplishing roughly half of the distance.  I was overjoyed with the prospect and we began scheming in earnest back in February.  We both had planned for significant sorting mileage to get our mind and bodies prepared for the three day event.  Mother nature was not kind this late winter/early spring though and neither of us got the kind of miles we were going for.  There was talk of alternative plans for our Father-Son long weekend based on the lack of ability to prep, when the forecast started looking more and more damp we again both hesitated. 

As late as last Monday, three days before the rendezvous I got an email from my Dad, "I've doubled down on our trip, I just bought rain pants and a jacket". That was that!  Our GAP trip from Frostburg, MD to Pittsburgh, PA (135 miles) was on!

A series of posts, a significantly cut down sample of the 800 pictures and dozen or so GoPro videos to follow soon, stay tuned!

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