Monday, May 19, 2014

GAP Trip Gallery 1 - Frostburg - The Mason Dixon Line

I'm going to keep these posts mostly photo galleries with wordy captions, then I'll do a wrap up post at the end to highlight some of my big take aways.  I can't recommend the GAP highly enough.  Plan to do this ride at some point in your life!

Trail Inn at Frostburg's GAP trailhead.  Dad is up on the second floor balcony.  There is a bar/restaraunt right of frame that was quite the local hotspot on a Thursday night.  We had a sandwhich there in the afternoon that was fine but nothing special.  In the evening the place was packed with locals but it had a very friendly vibe.

The Train Station at Frostburg that is the terminus of the scenic rail line coming from Cumberland.  The fog on Wednesday was worse than this for much of the day.

Early Father's Day present - SKS Longboard Fenders, custom installation trailside on Wednesday night. Boy were these things usefull on the trip. We had so much rain that there was plenty of slop out there.

Great building, a former monument carver's office and now a lovely Cafe.  My Thursday morning Americano set the trip off right from a caffiene perspective.

Dad's Trek ready to roll, fenders all tuned up and fully loaded down.  Aside from the fenders the Schwable 'Little Big Ben' tires and an adjustable stem were the only real upgrades made for the trip.  No mechanical issues to speak of during the trip, it performed admirably!

My packing left alot to be desired, still, I managed to cram Agatha (the Purple Saluki) and all my junk into the Elantra for the 2.5 hour drive to Frostburg.  I slowed us down a bit at the trailhead as I reassembled everything, my front fender had become bent in transit and needed adjustment.

Since the Saluki was in my trunk I drove the half mile from Trails Inn to the trailhead while Dad biked.  Looking sharp in the visibility red jacket!

No we did not coordinate!  I promise.  Here we are at Mile 0 for us (15 for the GAP) setting off Thursday  morning.

Coffee cup view of the GAP... north bound!

Dad powering up the 8 miles of upward grade towards the Eastern Continental Divide.

The Bordon, first of several tunnels, not lit but 'only' about 900 feet long.  The preserved purpose of these tunnels, trestles, bridges and trails are an amazing part of the GAP trail.  The Borden tunnel was well paved and dead level.

Northern side of the Borden Tunnel

The Saluki at the Mason Dixon Line

First of many drive side glamour shots!  My packing was about as haphazard as my car transportation method, my Carradice longflap was bulging with mostly clothes but also spares and tools, under it on the Nitto R-14 are my flip flops and a ready spare CdIV tire.  Up forward my Riv Sackville Medium fits great as always in the Wald 137 basket. I also used a netting up there so I could stash my jacket and other random objects.  Agatha performed flawlessly, silent drivetrain, steady, predictable handling... no complaints.  I'd like to try the same kind of load in panniers sometime to compare and contrast the ride. 

Front and Center, Mason Dixon Line!

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  1. Wonderful pictures. It sure looks like it was a great trip.