Thursday, May 29, 2014

GAP Trip Gallery 4 - Confluence to Connellsville *BEST Scenery*

How lucky are we to have the best scenery coincide with the best weather of the trip!?!  This segment, accomplished on our second day was truly memorable and if I made another GAP trip I would concentrate on doing an out and back in this area, somewhere between Connellsville and Rockwood.  Really, really gorgeous country!

THE Confluence,  the Casselman (left) joins the Youghiogheny (right), you see all the churn from the Casselman that we'd followed out of the mountains meeting with the (up till now) placid Yough.

Probably my favorite micro-segment of the trail... rock face, wide-flat-dry trail, surrounded by Rhododendrons and Poplars.  I particularly liked all the Rhododendron's throughout the trip.  The poplar's grow eerily straight and tall.

Does this really need a caption...?

Standing tall in the woods

Ohiopyle Bridge... Rushing river.  You will see cyclist passing through on the bridge. Ohiopyle was fairly bustling with activity and we had a good meal and enjoyed a nice long break.

You get a great view of just how high the river was based on this shot.

A local who was with me at the overlook for the Ohiopyle falls said that he hadn't seen the falls like this ever before.  They usually have around a 20' drop but not today... the river was FULL

Construction has the best overlook closed right now so it was tough to get the grandeur of the river at the falls, but note the small red shirted person on the middle left rock for scale.

Back on the road, crossing the Yough River


Does it get any better than this?!?

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