Tuesday, May 20, 2014

GAP Trip Gallery 2 - The Mason Dixon Line - Rockwood

Photographically wrapping up Day 1 on the trail here with the days end at Rockwood, PA.  The Husky Haven Guesthouse was a wonderful place to wait out the tremendous deluge that we just barely missed. I can't stress enough how lucky we got with the rain. We rolled into the guesthouse literally as it started raining around 1PM local and it rained solid till 4AM.... sometimes it's better to be lucky!

Note the wind turbines up on the ridge, these were a constant companion for the first 10 or so miles out of Frostburg and as you get closer to them you can definitely hear and almost 'feel' the 'wush-wush-wush'.  The trail in MD was superb for the brief section we sampled.  This shot is very indicative of the trail for the whole portion, as we eased into PA it deteriorated a bit.

Trail with a view, looking down on MD.  Lots of clouds on day 1 but low 60's temperature and some humidity made for extremely pleasant riding conditions.

Gratuitous Saluki shot (non drive side - the dirty girl!)  

Big Savage Tunnel, all 3,294.6' of her.  A true marvel of engineering, this tunnel coupled with the many bridges, other tunnels and shear natural beauty makes the GAP a special ride.  The tunnels are so flat and smooth inside.  Really cool!

Dad about to enter Big Savage

B&M Cyo Premium light pattern from inside Big Savage... headlight wasn't really required due to the excellent overhead lighting as you can see.

High Point!  This cartoon is ludicrously not to scale or indicative of the actual slope leading up to the Continental Divide.

We didn't take enough of these as the trip progressed, but early on the first day we made time for the dual selfie at the Eastern Continental Divide.  (how do you like that white beanie!)

Eyes on PA... crossing the continental divide.

Fly fisherman who was not interested in my shouted greetings.

Crossing the Keystone Viaduct, one of two large 'ducts we crossed on Day 1.

The old trainstation at Meyersdale was a great pit stop and I'd have enjoyed a longer visit. They have an excellent museum and I was gratified to see a nice display celebrating the USS SOMERSET

My shots of the Salisbury Viaduct leave alot to be desired but this one at least gives a satisfying vanishing point.  This is a really long, really tall, really narrow pathway and riding a bike across it is COOL!

Back into the woods.  The overwhelming amount of green just felt great to me.

Shelter from the storm, the guesthouse at Husky Haven (alsoa  campground) came up just in time to keep us dry on Day 1. This little covered deck also kept our bikes dry throughout the 10+ hour storm!

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