Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bruce Gordon Cycles - A visit

Bruce Gordon recently opened up a small showroom and even a museum loft of his own personal collection of self-built frames (built up in period correct parts).  I happened to be near enough to stop in last week and was overwhelmed by the craftsmanship and even more so by the man himself.  Enjoy the pictures, let me know if you have questions and definitely put Bruce on your list of frame builders to visit in the San Francisco area!

Every one of the bikes pictured was hand made by Bruce, most of them on the premises of the shop adjacent to the show room.  Bruce is a one man operation and it was clear to me that he takes great pride in his craft.  Oh yeah, "Bruce Gordon was nice to me!!"

All of these shot's were made with an extreme wide angle (20mm) lens so please forgive any distortion, its the camera not the bikes!

I love this 'rust' powder coat...looks fantastic in person, there is a great texture to it as well!

I just wish I could get a picture of Bruce atop the flinstone bike!

Bruce does (or has done) Ti...

Those joints are preeeeetty sweet!

Petaluma, CA is a lovely place... I had a great lunch downtown just a couple blocks from Bruce's place.  Looks like the riding is pretty darn good too.

I didn't get alot of pictures of the custom racks, but cro-mo tube, tig welded racks are also one of Bruce's calling cards... I'd love to get a set for my tandem!

Drumroll please.... Bruce's 'Autobiographical' collection... every bike he has made for himself in the 30+ years he's been fabricating bicycles, nearlly all built up.  It's a wonderful display and a great idea.  You can just see the man himself in the back left.  Bruce is very friendly and happy to talk about his bikes!

How gorgeous is this?!?  Look at those custom racks too!

More from the personal collection... scary thing for me is that I think I'm about the right size for ALL of these bikes!!!

NAHBS Winner... yeah just another award winning stunner of a steel lugged bike for BG Cycles...  gorgeous (the color is quite remnescent of my Riv Atlantis though!)

Another custom rack that looks sweet... check!

Most important bike in the shop... Bruce's personal commuter.  Check out the steel integrated seatpost,  I don't see those at the bike rack ever!  Other cool details include a rear tire generator hub, BB mounted that can be moved in and out of postion by the extra shifter tab on the seat tube.  Good color too.

Yet another unique, and this time aerodynamic rack

Guess who else is in town!?!  Oh yeah we partook of the tasting room before heading out of town.  White Industries is right around the corner as well but according to Bruce they don't have a showroom.

Lots of beer... go check out Petaluma and BG Cycles!


  1. This post suffers from a disappointing lack of Long Island Iced Tea.

  2. You'll be happy to know that I told that whole story to Kamal while tasting the 'long-island-itas'!

  3. Cool pics bud. Glad you shared them.