Sunday, January 19, 2014

That New Bottom Bracket Feeling - CCT Ride

At long last the Atlantis got it's new bottom bracket... the cheap Shimano sealed unit is in some ways a downgrade from the gorgeous, and lighter TA Axix bb that seems to either be in need of new bearings or I"m just incapable of adjusting correctly.  Just for anyone who is curious;

64cm Rivendell Atlantis
TA Zephyr Triple
Shimano UN55 68x127mm Sealed Cartridge BB

All work together just fine!  A 125mm axle would probably also work fine.

The new BB does really feel great, making me wish I'd done this $20 project months ago.  I can now go back to hearing/feeling the creaks from my sprung B67 saddle as the sole offender of my ears whilst on 2 wheels!

What to do with this smooth, silent ride...?  Well of course my friend Erl from the RBW Google Group came in with an opportunity to meet in Bethesda and do some riding on the CCT Trail.  Downtown Bethesda is almost exactly 15 miles from my garage and provided a great ride uphill at a reasonable grade.  Bagels and coffee were waiting along with Erl who very kindly indulged my curiosity for the sizing of his 56cm Atlantis (26" wheels).  The verdict - I think I could ride that bike very happily with a reasonably high stem.  The standover is excellent and the reach is pretty close to what I have on my 64.  Bike sizing is a weird science/art!

We kept going on the CCT towards Silver Spring and got to enjoy a fantastic boardwalk-bridge over the headwaters of Rock Creek.  Great conversation and nice weather contributed to a really good time all around.  The pair of handsome Atlanti got plenty of appreciation both parked in Bethesda and out on the trail!
In Bethesda, the Soma Saga at the front here was ridden by a friendly and chatty gent who was very impressed with our Atlanti

Handsome pair of bikes!

Erl and his Atlantis over Rock Creek

I and my Atlantis over Rock Creek (note the new shop-sack, purchased direct at RBB&H last week!)

Contemplating the C&O...I'll be back!


  1. Hit me up if you're going to do some canal riding, I haven't been out there since I was in Scouts!

  2. Great looking Atlanti! My Hillborne and I, along with a friend (LHT), will be riding to DC in the spring. Also a couple of PGH to Cumberland rides on the GAP. Drop me a line if you're interested in joining for a day or so, or to show us around the area once we're down that way.

  3. Ryan - Absolutely! Erika and I are thinking about a late April trip, we'll keep you posted.

    Rusty - Thanks for checking out my blog! Your GAP/CO trip sounds fantastic and I'd love to join in at some point along the way. I'm actually planning to do the trip in two peices myself, probably June for Cumberland - Pitt, and Fall for Cumberland-DC. We'll see how it works out. Hit me up on email as your plans mature vpik01 (at) gmail

  4. Nice looking wheels. I got bike envy. Of course, this is a chronic condition with me.
    I ride up to Bethesda about five times a year. I buy a bagel and a drink at Bethesda Bagels then ride over to the trestle for a sky picnic.

  5. Thanks Rootchopper!! Those bagels are worth the trip, and the trestle sky picnic as you call it is sweet... I'm glad that Erl hooked me up!