Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'd been waiting for the opportunity to try out these massive 29x2.1" Kenda 'Small Block Eight' tires on the Atlantis... well they fit!  Another snow day in the offing for the DC area and this stuff is promised to be 'fluffy'.  I guess it's a good thing I don't need the bike to commute in and out of the city today though the challenge was appealing.  Also check out the long awaited front rack/basket/dyno light configuration.  2 months of thinking about it, 20 min of wrenching...

The pull away of the full bike always gets too much background but I  was to lazy to move the bike outside and get some lighting around midnight when I wrapped up.  The fender's and 45(42)mm Nomad tires came off, as did the rear rack.  Good clearance all around, the right fenders might just fit w/ these beasts.

When I ordered my Cyo Premium II from Peter White I got to talk directly with Peter... as soon as I mentioned mounting the light low he immediately and somewhat rudely told me if I did so I'd be wasting my money.  He conteds that the center, fork crown mounting is what the lighth is designed for and that's the end of it.  Well his comment did make me think long and hard about keeping the light centered so here it is.  The former WALD basket hook strips do an admirable job as a rugged light mount on the front of the basket. I'll have to keep an eye that the nylock nuts and star washers do their job but it is very solid right now.  Peter would still be scandalized that there isn't fender protection below the light so I may look to add some tape or other replaceable splash guard to the bottom of the unit just in case.

The Nitto M12 front rack bolts directly to the canti studs, based on a recommendation over at the RBW list on Google Groups I used valve stem nuts as spacers to help push the rack line closer to level with the top tube. It still dives a bit towards the front but I'm happy with it.  The Wald 137 (medium) basket is the same that is on several other bikes in my garage and it gracefully accepts my new Riv medium 'Shopsack'...

The reason for the occasion...Kenda Small Block Eight, used from my co-op for a pittance... small knobs and supposedly a high TPI, good overall tire for hardpack conditions.  We'll see how it handles some snow today!

Great tread remaining on this tire.  The clearance looks closer than it really is in this pic... can you make out the out of focus new rear light in this shot?!?

My very own Bruce Gordon, CNC Aluminum bullet rear light... more on my visit with this legend.  I'm not sure he'd be thrilled to see his light on my Riv Atlantis (made in Japan)  but I think it looks super sharp.  Depending on my rear rack future this may not be the long term location for the light but we'll see.


  1. Nice! I love the tires and the light mount. If I have a 10" piece of Cascadia fender left in my stash, I'll send it to you. I think it got trashed in the move from Oregon, though. That would be a perfect splash guard. It looks like you still have room for fenders? Knobbies and fenders, though... Maybe not.

  2. Philip that is very kind of you! I'm going to ride it a bit w/out fenders and see how I like the larger tires (increased stand over). I think the kind of splash guard you talk about would definitely fit.