Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Round Alexandria... Take 2

I'll call this the 'Alexandria Loop' for now... highlights include the option for a stop in Alexandria, a drive by at Port City Brewery, and the option for shopping/drinks/food in Shirlington... really a route you can plan a day around!

I think it came up briefly in a previous post... but can't find it just this second... that during the first shakedown of the new Burley Tandem I captained my Wife and I the wrong direction and ended up with a critical flat tire resulting in the need for a vehicular pickup... wah wah wah.  But early in January I sought to even the score with that route and this is the proof!

The feat mastered during this ride was making the connection between Holmes Run Trail and Four Mile Run Trail via Beauregard St.  There is a short but steep hill involved and while I did it very slowly and in my granny-ist of granny gears I did stay on the bike.  More importantly I completed the loop.  Lesson learned, know where I'm going before involving the tandem!

Holmes Run has a great highlight of going through this cool tunnel

The 650B'd Trek continues to impress.  I'm having a bit of a bike/gear identity crisis right now but the Trek has continued to post excellent rides every time I take her out.

I'm not doing enough b/w conversions... so here you go.  

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