Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rivendell Bike Book and Hatchet - A visit

Given the amount of time I've spent on Rivendell's website, or corresponding with fellow devotee's on the RBW Owners Group, or obsessing over the build on my own new-to-me Riv Atlantis.... it was only fitting that I make it by the new flagship storefront from Grant Peterson in Walnut Creek.  I was a little suprised by Walnut Creek, I had never really looked into it and didn't expect it to be such an affluent and bustling area.  I guess the pictures from Shell Ridge/Mt Diablo area colored my thoughts that Walnut Creek was a sleepy country-ish suburb in the Bay Area.

That notion was instantly disabused and my buddy Kamal and I grabbed some coffee down the street and easily found the RBB&H.  The store is really cool, I'm happy for the company becuase I think they really executed a fine looking storefront that balances the best of Riv's stuff with the innate quirkiness.  I hope it is a commercial success for them!

From the perspective of someone already bought in to the Riv universe/lifestyle I only wished that more (or all) of the goods available at the website were available at the storefront. I understand that for the full gamut you can go to the HQ which is nearby but I was close to closing time and missed that opportunity. Other than storage space at the storefront I'm not sure I understand having two differenent but similar inventories... enjoy the pictures!

For a boring and wordy discussion that includes some thoughts on the RBB&H visit check out this post.

The pile of wood outside is pretty amusing, as is the sign.... STOP if you love The Wind in the Willows!
Hatchet = Great GIFT

Brand new Alba-stache bars, more on that and my demo ride soon.

Keven's mystery bike 'Apalloosa', really long chainstays and really cool looking diagi-stays... The front shopsack sold me on getting one for myself.

Great looking bike displays, with lots of information handy.

I wish there had beena slightly smaller Hunq for me to ride but I imagine it would be very similar to my Atlantis

I love the ceiling tratment... a grid of twine hung with bells... grab a hatchet to ring the bells!

one of the bell pulls

Why not finish with the hatchet wall!