Sunday, January 26, 2014

National Mall Snow-Ride

After  a week of not riding much (no rides since Monday) due to the cold or trail conditions or both I was itching to get back into the saddle.  Sunday morning provided a great opportunity for Erika and I to throw the bikes onto the car rack and head into the city to check out the National Mall.  I wanted to pick a nice sunny place that still had some loose, non-icy snow to ramble around in and the Mall worked in both requirements.  Not a serious or grueling ride, just some fun on bikes with my wife!  We followed it up with a stop in one of my favorite winter-time DC museums.... the US Botanic Garden.  Need a break from cold, snowy reality?  Check out the lush, humid, warm and GREEN in the USBG... I always think it woudl be a great place to come read a book, or the paper.  Haven't made that happen yet but we'll see!


Erika took a much better photo of me than I did of her...

Union Market, up in NE DC off FL Ave... really cool.  It's definitely grown since I was there last. These tea pots/warmer stands are sweet.

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