Monday, March 11, 2013


I can only compare this morning's ride to the act of slowly, painfully slowly easing yourself into too cold water.  First the feet, then the ankles, past the knees... commiting to the bathing suit region... and on up.  Keeping with the water analogy, check out how high Four Mile Run was this morning, just before the trail joins the Mt Vernon Trail (MVT) there was a near wash out.

Four Mile Run under GW Parkway, washing out

It was a number of factors, I hadn't ridden since Thursday, I'd been sick since Thursday, the weekend, the time change... and it was a MONDAY!  So many excuses, anyway all that aside the warmer weather did help significantly and I made it in in a newly slow 41min.  The afternoon on the other hand was grand, no jacket no problem riding.  

As I was unlocking to go home one of my fellow bike commuters struck up a conversation and mentioned as we rode out together that days like this he tried to go home 'the long way',  he called this sort of ride 'Bi-Hookey'.  In honor of this thought I did a bit of a recreational ride though stayed mostly on track.  I diverted south to Yards Park upon leaving the Navy Yard and followed the river all the way over to SW and the Titanic Memorial.  On the other side of the commute I explored a bit of the trail on the south side of Four Mile Run before developing a slow leak in my rear tire.

Unfortunately I've got a full on flat now, and with the prospect of a rainy morning ride and my lack of faith in the current rims/wheels I've decided to call in a lifeline and catch a ride with friends tomorrow morning.  

I'm hoping to start my wheel build with Mark from Spokes one night this week. I can't get the new wheels and tires on soon enough!

16.26 Miles (275.5 miles annually)
9/10 (Bike Commute/Available Days)
8 Max consecutive work days commuting by bike

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