Friday, March 1, 2013

Staying Flexible

After the tribulations of Wednesday I was skeptical I'd get back out there on Thursday morning but after cleaning up the bike good, degreassing and regreassing the drivetrain and triple checking the chainrings and tire pressure I was ready to give it a go.

I will definitely settle into a routine on the regular maintenance, especially after challenging weather the drivetrain attention was a huge positive. The bike handled great and my ride was smooth.  My fitness/stamina, or lack there of is really showing on day four of biking in.  Even back in the Fall when I was riding 30-50miles a week I wasn't generally riding more than 3 days straight, at any distance.  So my speeds are down significantly from my old, unloaded fitness oriented rides.  I had gotten up to 12-13mph averages on most Mt Vernon Trail rides by November, this week I've been solidly in the 10-11mph average but feel slower.  This will be interesting to keep track of as the days and weeks go by.

The afternoon ride was great, we had a work happy hour up on 8th St (Banana Cafe) so I biked up in my work clothes and just stayed in them for the rest of the trip home.  A really nice ride, somewhat overcast but warm enough.  My clothes were in decent shape when I arrived which gives me some hope of trying to ride in the morning as an option too.

17 Miles (194.25 Annual Miles)
4/4 (Bike Commute/Available Days)
4 Max Consecutive Work Days Commuting by bike

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