Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wind Blown and Forgetful

Well it happened... I made it all the way to work without my ID badges.  Not a problem for some, but since one grants me access to the work place and the other allows me to log in to my computer I'm pretty ineffective without them.

Lucky for me, my lovely wife took the time to come into the city and drop them off. So as it turned out the forgetfulness was rewarded by a lengthy americano to stay at the Lot 38 Coffee bar in SE.

On the bike knowledge/personal accomplishment side, this was my first ever ride on a tube patched by me.  Not only did I patch the tire that went flat on Monday but I even figured out what caused it... on the inside of the rim a small part of one of the spoke ends wasn't covered by the rubber strip in my single walled rims.  So both that and tube fixed and I was back on the road. Definitely confidence inspiring.

15.87 Miles (290.8 miles annually)
10/12 (Bike Commute/Available Days)
8 Max consecutive work days commuting by bike

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