Saturday, March 9, 2013


After the 'snow' day I've been fighting a chest and head cold, I rode Thursday but threw in the towel and drove for the first time on Friday.   Despite the bug I managed to shave another minute off my best down to the 34 min range on the way home Thursday. Not bad, I also observed that timing green lights in the district can be a bit easier and more regular with some attention. Particularly on I St SW where you have plenty of line of sight, keeping an eye on the traffic movement and the crosswalk timers allows you to ease off or ramp up to keep in time with the lights.

Not a huge revelation but I made all but one green on the way in Thursday, something I'll continue to try and tune up.

15.3 Miles (259.3 miles annually)
8/9 (Bike Commute/Available Days)
8 Max consecutive work days commuting by bike

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