Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ride Fast

Both morning and evening rides, were 35 and 36 minutes respectively.  And I'm not boasting that that ~12.8 mph is an average to take to Guinness  but for me it knocked 5-10min off my averages from last week and Monday.  The morning ride was helped in a huge way by the amazing string of green lights within the District. If you think you are pleased when you get greens in the car then just try it on the bike.  I crossed Maine Ave, 4th St, South Capitol St, then turned onto M St all in sync with the lights making for a very fast last 2 miles or so on my way home.

Fast or not, the morning was COLD.  I wasn't comfortable till I passed the airport on the Mt Vernon Trail... but I did make it to work, shower and dry off (with a towel) in time for my 0730 meeting.  So success all around.

Looks like Wednesday is a no-ride day/snow day.  I hope the trail dries out some before Thursday morning!
Sunrise Reflection off of Four Mile Run under the GW Parkway

15.45 miles (244 miles annually)
7/7 (Bike Commute/Available Days)
7 Max Consecutive Work Days Commuting by bike

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