Thursday, March 14, 2013


One of the local cycling blogs I love to follow is chasing mailboxes d.c..  It is mainly done by the wife of a husband-wife cycling team that get into the pretty extreme cycling niche of Randonneuring.  But one of their fun challenges recently to break the laziness and dullness of winter was the 'Errandonnee'  where participants were challenged to do more errands by bike and record them.

Unfortunately for me the official event ran during the time of my moving houses and getting the old place rented so I didn't even attempt it.  Today on my way home from work I did my first side trip errand by bike when I diverted up into NW DC to the G St Hour Eyes to pick up my shipment of contact lenses.  It was a great extra tour of the city, though PA Ave cycle track ends up being a stop at every single light.  The short 2-3 mile trip from SE DC to G St took a full 28 minutes based mostly on the traffic.  Still I will count it as an Errandonnee success.

As if that wasn't enough I was surprised to run into my wife Erika on the Mt Vernon Trail near Gravelly Point, its the first time she biked out to meet me on the trail. Hopefully the first of many because the ride home with company was even better than usual!

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